Facts About DVLA License Application

What is the meaning of DVLA?

DVLA stands for driver and vehicle licensing. Its purpose is to handle and manage all sorts of drivers and registration of the vehicle in your country in general. Regarding contacting the department, it is best that you inquire first any of your relevant queries and other complaints before presenting it. Therefore, if you have their contact numbers, but if you are not sure as to which department that you will need to inform it is best that you inquire first.

Filing a complaint

There are several reasons as to why one person file a complaint it could due to a revoked license or the registration of your vehicle. A situational example, you have been overcharged for having to import a car, and you believed that this is never possible. So, this means that you will have to call for the service for you to get a refund. Perhaps, you have other concerns that you need to prioritize, writing a mail can be possible. However, if you want a quicker response, it is best that you can present your case properly.

SORN and vehicle tax

What does SORN mean?

SORN is an acronym of statutory off road regulation notice; this is a type of DVLA department. This department functions as getting your vehicle tax, checking the amount of the entire car tax and how much do you need to pay and make a SORN especially if you are no longer driving your car on the road. If you failed to do so, there would be charges made as there is no notice sent to the department. So, make sure that you are responsible enough to cooperate with the rules regulated.

Application for a driving license

Whether you have a driver’s license or still applying for a license and you happened to have certain issues, it is best that you contact the DVLA especially it is the replacement of a stolen, loss or damaged license. Furthermore, it is best that you inquire changes that you want to do with your driver’s license. In this way, you will be guided by the terms of policies and requirements that you will need to comply.

The V5C certificates or log books and registration of the vehicle.

There are few reasons that you will need to inform the DVLA department about your vehicle. Keep in mind that you know the contact numbers of your local DVLA to ensure that you can submit information regarding any of the reasons.

  1. Inform the DVLA that you have either brought a new vehicle or have sold one for you to get the V5C certificate.
  2. You want to change your registration plate.
  3. If you want to import or export a vehicle.

More so, people with medical concerns such temporary disability and other health concerns are advised to reapply for a driver’s license to preserve life and avoid further injuries.

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